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Brand new, never used 5 rod carrying tote bag for fishing rods. Very handy and easy way to carry your rods and store them. Aski... by 560_35366.jpg Sporting Goods Brand New #fishing #gear #bag
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Rio Bravo fishing vest like new, barely used if at all. Lots of storage for all your fishing gear. Size = M by 457_68748.jpg Clothing & Accessories Excellent #vest #men #fishingvest
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Pole as you see it. in great conditions by 570_33719.jpg Sporting Goods Excellent #pole #fishinggear #fishingpole
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FOR SALE: New in packaging - X-Tools 60" floating gaff. Great gaff, based on reviews and other X-Tools fishing gear I use, b... by 457_68748.jpg Appliances Brand New #fishing #gear #gaff
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Old Fishing Lures, 2 with original boxes. by 400_68377.jpg Sporting Goods Excellent #lures #fishsinglures #fishing
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I have two very convenient, portable folding seats. Used twice, in excellent condition.$10 apiece or buy them both for $15. ... by 560_35366.jpg Appliances Good #seats #portable #foldingseats
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15' canoe. Fiberglass, no leaks. . Ready for fishing or waterfowl season. Email me please Thanks Dean by 291_27512.jpg Sporting Goods Good #canoe #boat #fishing
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Redington fishing vests. One XL. One XXL Excellent condition $15 each by 243_34126.jpg Clothing & Accessories Excellent #vest #fishing #redington
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Ice fishing sled on skies about 4" tall 2' wide and 5' long Wheels are for pulling on pavement. I made a box to set on top o... by 569_65685.jpg Sporting Goods Good #fishing #gear #sled
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Green Fly fishing Graflex Supreme 6.5'-$15 Yellow Fishbonz Saltwater or freshwater F70 10'-$29 Both come with reels and lines... by 560_35366.jpg Sporting Goods Good #fishingpoles #poles #flyfishsingpoles

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Yes. Listing and buying on Explorite is absolutely free for all students.
After the buyer and the seller agree on a price and payment method, they can either have the item shipped or meet in person. If you choose to meet in person, we strongly recommend that you meet in a busy area such as the library or the quad, just to be safe.
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  • Pay for shipping if you know the seller.