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You'll be safe from scams as the full access is granted to .edu email holders only.

Explorite is a one-stop place for both making and saving money!

It is made for college students, so you will find exactly what you are looking for.

Explorite is easily to navigate on desktop or mobile - no drowning in endless ads!

Finally, it is absolutely free - now and forever.

How It Works


List your items.

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Get notified by direct message or phone (optional) when someone is interested.


Negotiate the purchase detail with the buyer.


Meet on campus to make the trade.

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What students are saying!

Wow! Finally a ONE STOP place for all the stuff college students have to deal with: roommates, jobs, textbooks, carpool... It's cool that you guys are doing this to help students out... THANK YOU!

Hayley G. Boston University

Custom textbooks used to be the worst - not available anywhere, so it's $150 or nothing. Explorite completely changed the game! I connected with a student who took the class last semester and got the book from him. Saved over $100!!

Enri E. Wentworth Institute of Technology

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it free to list or buy?

Yes. Listing and buying on Explorite is absolutely free for all students.

How do I exchange items?

After the buyer and the seller agree on a price and payment method, they can either have the item shipped or meet in person. If you choose to meet in person, we strongly recommend that you meet in a busy area such as the library or the quad, just to be safe.

How does Explorite promote safety?

Your safety is our most important feature. We're committed to building a trusted, collaborative social marketplace. We make sure that everyone is verified. We've built best-in-class tools and services to help you make the right decisions. We want you to have a wonderful experience.

What if my school is not listed here?

For now Explorite is only covering selected universities. If you wish to add your school to our directory, contact You may also e-mail us if you or someone you know are personally interested in helping us promote in your school and learn about our generous and exciting campus-rep program.

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