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    • The primary purpose of is to help students save money and time on different goods and services. Listing goods and services on this site allows other students to find them quick and easy locally. Allowing the search features of this site to include campus and college name, you can locate and trade goods and services in the safety of your own campus. We want you to feel secure when visiting our site and are committed to maintaining your privacy when doing so.
  • The following provides an overview of how we protect your privacy during your visit.
  • Notice & Disclosure of Information
    • The Web site is designed so that visitors may obtain most of the information without identifying or revealing any personal information. may collect domain visitor traffic patterns and information to customize and improve the user experience on our Web site. When involved in trading or shipping goods or services, two Members will obtain contact and shipping information to assist in completing the sale or trade of the goods. Members are given temporary access to other Member's contact and shipping information during goods processing. The two members involved in the goods processing will have access to each other's name and email address. Use of such information is only granted for use on communications and goods or services request transactions within You agree not to disclose any personal information about another Member to any third party without consent of that Member. You agree that other Members may use your personal information to communicate with you when requesting goods or services and providing payment for goods.
  • The Information We Gather & How We Use It
    • Information on is gathered in two ways: (1) indirectly (for example, through our site's technology); and (2) directly (for example, when you provide information on various pages of One example of information we collect indirectly is through aggregated tracking information derived mainly by tallying page views throughout our Website. collects information regarding the visitor's domain name, referral data (e.g., the address of the last URL visited prior to clicking through to the Website), and browser and platform type (e.g., Windows, Macintosh, Internet Explorer, Chrome etc.). breaks down this overall usage statistics, but does not correlate this information with data about individuals. analyzes this information to determine ways to make the site more effective, help us identify ways to improve it, and eventually, to determine how we can tailor to make it more useful to you the user.
  • We Will Never Share This Information With Outside Parties
    • Data collected from this Web site will not be sold or shared with any third party organizations.
  • Business Relationships
    • The Website may provide links to other Websites. is not responsible for the privacy practices or the content of such Websites.
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