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I will translate any text, document, article, message, table or whatever you want it to be up to 500 words from English to Germ... by 564_51003.jpg Writing What I want you to do Please send me the document(s) in an .odt, .doc, .docx, .ods, .xls, .pdf, .rtf or.txt file. No more then document 500 words, please me #translate #German #language #document #English #writing

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Yes. Listing and buying on Explorite is absolutely free for all students.
After the buyer and the seller agree on a price and payment method, they can either have the item shipped or meet in person. If you choose to meet in person, we strongly recommend that you meet in a busy area such as the library or the quad, just to be safe.
Your safety is our most important feature.

We're committed to building a trusted, collaborative social marketplace. We make sure that everyone is verified. We've built best-in-class tools and services to help you make the right decisions. We want you to have a wonderful experience.

Here are some Important Safety Tips:
  • Meet the seller.
  • Test drive before you buy.
  • Be cautious of underpriced items.
  • Do not wire money in advance.
  • Pay for shipping if you know the seller.